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Best game sites for pc users to download free and paid games

There are hundreds if not thousands of game sites for PC users but here at Scovered, we have compiled a list of best safe game sites to download pc games for free (some chargeable). We also have a surprise on one of the items on the list of top safe sites for Pc games which no one tells which you surely do not want to miss so be sure to go through all of them.

Gaming has become an essential part of our lives. The gaming industry has seen such a spike in the recent years that many countries now have their own gaming teams for gaming genres and with gaming enhancing not only our mind but also our reflexes, why wouldn’t anyone want to game in this day and era.

1. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games landing page for PC games
Ocean of Games

This website is by far the best place to download PC games hands down. It is hard for some gamers to crack modern-day games but Ocean Of Games makes it much easier with their detailed “How to fix” videos. The games are sectioned as per their genre and range from vintage games to modern triple-A “AAA” games.
Games also download with maximum speed from this site so we do not need to worry about limited download speed here.

2. GameTop

Game Top landing page for PC games
Game Top

This site is for fun small-sized game seekers. It mostly offers games for PC which are around 100MB in size and also has its wide range of games sectioned into specific genres to make your search that much easier. Downloading games are a breeze on this site.

3. The PC Games

The PC Game Landing page for PC games
The PC Game

The Triple-A games are getting ridiculously large in size that it can take many days or even weeks to download for games with a slow internet connection. The PC games site mainly offers Triple-A games but with a very high compression rate, meaning, its shrinks down a large file to small sizes so its users can download them quickly and easily.

4. Steam

Steam landing Page for PC games

Probably, the most famous item on the list. Steam, developed by Valve Corporations thirteen years ago, has been providing quality games since its start. Steam is largest digital distribution platform for video games and has been rivaled by very few. Unlike other websites, Steam offers multilingual features with up to 28 different languages.

The quality of free games is of the highest quality and sometimes also offers premium games for free. If you have some money on you, steam is the best place to purchase.

5. Epic Games

Epic Games Landing page for PC games
Epic Games

Just like Steam, Epic Store also offers a wide variety of games one of which is Fortnite and has one of the best-designed websites on the list. The site offers both freemium as well as premium games but the catch here is that it offers a paid game for free every one or two weeks to anyone who has an account with them.

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