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Dogecoin Mining: How to mine Dogecoin

Dogecoin is all the hype in the crypto market these days and you also want to get involved, right? If you’re a beginner, Dogecoin mining might be the perfect place to start for you!

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that started in 2009, and now there are thousands of cryptocurrencies. These new coins that operate on their own native blockchain are called altcoins or alternative coins. One popular altcoin is Dogecoin. It can be bought, sold, and traded, just like Bitcoin. and can also be mined!

What is Dogecoin mining?

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to mine Dogecoin and what it is, and whether or not Dogecoin mining is for you!

Dogecoin mining is the process of being rewarded with new Dogecoin for checking transactions on the Dogecoin blockchain. Too complex? Let me simplify. In simple words, your computer will get some Dogecoins for successful operations in the Dogecoin network.

How to mine Dogecoin?

To get started with Dogecoin mining, we will need two things.

  • Dogecoin wallet
    This is to hold the Dogecoins that you will mine. You will need to get your Dogecoin address from this.
  • a Cryptocurrency miner
    This is to mine some Dogecoins for us.

Dogecoin wallet

There are two types of wallets in Dogecoin, Multidoge and Dogecoin Core. We will be using Dogecoin Core for this guide.

Go to Dogecoin’s homepage through this link, click Wallets and download the Dogecoin Core for your respective operating system.

Dogecoin Wallet
Dogecoin Wallet

After the download is complete, open the application. Go to File > Much receiving addresses

Doge wallet interface
Doge Wallet Interface

Now you have to copy the address of your wallet as follows.

Doge wallet Address
Doge wallet address

Keep this address safe as we need it when we start mining in the coming steps.

Dogecoin Mining

Now that we have our Dogecoin wallet address, we can jump right on to mining some Dogecoin for ourselves. To mine our Dogecoin we will be using unMineable.

Go to the unMineable download page through this link, right-click the Packed version and choose Save Link as…and download it.

unMineable Download

Is unMineable safe?

After you download unMineable software, the anti-virus in your system may flag it as a virus.
Usually, anti-viruses flag mining software as a virus and is as always a false alarm.

to answer the question, yes, unMineable is safe. Be sure to turn off your anti-virus software before you use it.

Step by Step guide to using unMineable for Dogecoin Mining

After the download is complete, open the application and you will be greeted with this screen.

unMineable Landing page
unMineable Landing Page

Here you have two options to start mining. Either, you can choose your GPU (graphics card) or you can opt to mine with your CPU.
If you have a dedicated GPU then I would recommend starting mining with GPU as it is usually faster and efficient and if not, mining with CPU will be more than enough. Click next after you have decided what to use for your mining.

Now you need to do the following:

unMineable Page 2
unMineable selection page
  • Select a coin or token
    You need to select Dogecoin from the dropdown list. We can select other coins if we wanted to but we are focusing on Dogecoin Mining in this article.
  • Enter your address
    Remember the Dogecoin Wallet address we copied earlier? Get that address and paste it into this section.
  • Enter your referral code
    Use Referral code: 63zi-7zgi
    This code will help you save 25% when you plan to withdraw your Dogecoin.

If you do not see a place to enter Referral code then your screen will probably look like this.

unMineable Referral

Just click “I have a referral Code” and enter your referral code from above.

Now you can click Start and your mining journey for Dogecoin has started.

How to withdraw on unMineable?

To withdraw coins from Dogecoin mining, you can click the Website button which will take you to your unMineable statistics and withdrawal page which looks as follows.

unMineable Mining
unMineable withdrawal

Furthermore, you can have multiple computers mining to the same Doge Wallet address at the same time as well. All the mined Dogecoin from different computers will be accumulated into one place. So, if you have multiple laptops laying around, you can do this as well.

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