How to create Company LinkedIn page

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

In this blog post, we will try to cover why one needs to create a Company Page on LinkedIn and how to do it in the simplest manner possible.

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LinkedIn, founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman and Co also known as “PayPal mafia“, is the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn has around 740 million users with over 55 million registered companies in more than 200 countries worldwide with around.

Founders of LinkedIn
PayPal Mafia

Brief LinkedIn History

  • 2003, raised a series A Investment round led by Sequoia Capital, who are known for their investment in big companies like Google, Apple, PayPal, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more.
  • 2004, one million user base reached.
  • 2006, registered first profitable month.
  • 2007, ten million user base reached.
  • 2008, the company valued at $1 billion (post-money)
  • 2010, company valued at $2 billion (year start) to $1.5 billion (year-end).
  • 2011, issued its IPO.
  • 2016, lost $11 billion in market capitalization.
    • June 13, 2016, acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion.

Why you need a Company Page on LinkedIn

As we have already stated, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. No other reason is needed apart from this statement alone but if you still need some reasons then we have some more compelling points for you.

1. Publicity

Who does not like free publicity for their business/company? LinkedIn provides its users with numerous ways of getting free publicity.

Imagine a scenario when someone is writing an article about a company in your section and has chosen your business to mention. They surf your company website but do not find sufficient information. In around 99% of such cases, the next page they visit is a company’s LinkedIn Page because everyone expects to get the entire details of a company on its LinkedIn page. So we need to make sure that your company is backed by a solid website and an even stronger LinkedIn page.

2. Recruitment

Every company no matter what sector needs to hire top talents to drive their company forward but recruiting and sustaining a great team of professionals is the biggest challenge a company faces. If you want to reach top professionals which you do not have a direct connection with then the answer is simple, LinkedIn.
When you reach out to a professional on LinkedIn for potential recruitment, the first thing they check is your company profile.

On the other hand, people may be searching for a particular job possibly vacant in your company. This is where the professional will check your company profile as well.

3. Lead Generation

When it comes to businesses, Linked is 277% more efficient as compared to Facebook and Twitter as per HubSpot. Around 79% of digital marketers prefer to use LinkedIn for leader generation other than any social platforms.

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

Now, let us get down to business (pun intended). Here, are the step-by-step guides to create a compelling company page on LinkedIn.

1. Create a fresh LinkedIn Page.

Head to the business end of LinkedIn using this link. Hover your mouse over LinkedIn Pages on the top menu and select Create a LinkedIn Page”.

Please make sure that you are signed in beforehand. After you have signed in, click the Work dropdown menu on the top right of the screen and click Create a LinkedIn Page+ from the very bottom of the dropdown.

2. Choose the size of the company

3. Fill in the Company details

A walk-through on the form fields.

  1. Name: Please enter the full name of your company as it makes ground your presence on LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn Public URL: When you fill out the name of your company, this field will be automatically populated. If the company name is not available or has already been used then you can choose a URL that is similar but still identifiable as your company.
  3. Website: Please enter your company website here.
  4. Industry: Please choose an industry that best describes what your company does.
  5. Company Size: Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown list.
  6. Company Type: Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown list.
  7. Logo: Please upload a high-quality logo of your company which is 300 x 300 pixels in size.
  8. Tagline: Briefly describe what your company does in this section in under 120 words.

When done with the form, check the checkbox at the end and click Create Page.

4. Complete the newly created Page

By this step, you will be shown the overview of the page as an Admin. This can be considered a “behind-the-scenes” section of your page when you can make the necessary changes.

For newly created pages, LinkedIn provides a helpful to-do checklist to complete which helps in unlocking new features for your page.

Let’s cover some of the important to-do tasks in this step.

  • Description: This section is to give a detailed description of your company. Treat this section as the “About Us” section of your page and must be longer than the tagline we wrote in the previous steps. Be sure to add specific keywords and phrases related to the company for better reach through search and search engines. The description can be around 2000 words.
  • Location: Be sure to add at least one location for your company even if it is your own address. A company page not having a location is a big no-no.
  • Cover Photo: Please add an engaging cover photo that best describes your company. If your company has cover photos in other digital platforms then you can use that as well. Be consistent. The dimensions for the cover photo must be 1128 x 191 pixels otherwise it will be cropped.
  • Hashtags: You can add as many hashtags but be sure to have at least three for your page. They will be added as Company Hashtags for your page.

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