How to download Tubemate for free YouTube videos

You can now download YouTube videos for free using Tubemate. Tubemate is the easiest way to download YouTube videos on Android devices. YouTube has added a download option in its native app for its users to save videos. But, the problem with this approach is that it only allows you to access the videos through the YouTube app only. Videos downloaded from the native Youtube app remain for 30 days only if you do not have an internet connection. In other words, the downloaded videos from YouTube are not permanent.

There may be some cases where you want to download YouTube videos to play with other media players or to do some editing or you may only want to download only the audio of some videos. This is where Tubemate comes in and is free of cost as well.

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Steps to Download Tubemate for free

Although Tubemate was developed in 2010 to make Youtube videos more accessible, there has not been anything like it in the past decade. There are many virus copies and fake Tubemate apps surfing on the internet so we have decided to give you the best resource to download the Tubemate app.
Tubemate has its own website where it provides its official links and links to the previous versions of the app as well.
Follow this link to get to their home page.

Once on the homepage, you can see four certified sites that Tubemate approves to download its app.

  1. UptoDown
  2. AndroidFreeware
  3. APKMirror
  4. Cnet

Please be aware, do not download Tubemate app from any other website other than the ones mentioned above. With the links above you can download Tubemate for free without any viruses. Apps downloaded from other sources may potentially harm your devices. Please also keep in mind that the developers of Tubemate want the app to be used for personal use only.

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