SHermie joins the King of Fighters 15

Shermie joins The King of Fighters 15

The King of Fighters 15 just announced its latest addition to its growing roster, Shermie.

After many days of arguments and speculation, we finally have our answer. The answer to the identity of the next King of Fighters 15 character. SNK has revealed that Shermie has officially joined the KOF 15 roster from its latest gameplay trailer for KOF15. The brand new design for Shermie looks even better. A hot character just got hotter. How do you do it SNK?

Shermie joins the King of Fighters 15
Shermie, King of Fighter 15

Shermie’s last KOF series appearance was way back in 2002. And, now is making her first playable appearance in the KOF 15. With her updated looks and unlimited gameplay, the new KOF 15 character is ready to take the world by storm.

We can expect the classic command grabs and hit grabs from Shermie. Of course, it is hard not to get hyped up about her quadruple German suplex in the new game. The signature aerial combos and flips are obviously embedded in her new incarnation so opponents are aware both of the sky and on land.

New King of Fighters characters?

We recently got a hint from Yashiro Nanakase but this all but confirms it. The third partner, Chris, will soon be joining forces to complete the original Team New Faces from KOF97.

Previously, the entire team sacrificed themselves to reawaken Orochi with Chris as the host but ended up being sealed away once again by Team Sacred Treasures. What does the future hold?

We have Shermie’s debut trailer below.

King of Fighters confirm Shermie

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