Super Mario Bros breaks Auction Record

Super Mario Bros sets record at Auction

An unopened copy Super Mario game from 1986 sold for a whopping $660,000 at an auction.

A vintage old-fashioned Super Mario game made some big bucks at an auction setting a record as the finest professionally graded copy of a game.

The Auctioneer, Heritage Auctions, auctioned an unopened, rare, and precisely packed copy of Super Mario Bros from 1986. The item, a supposed Christmas gift, sold for a whopping amount of $660,000. However, the potential seeks of this exact copy can buy it from the new owner starting at $900,000 from Heritage Auctions.

When it comes to pricing vintage game collectibles, the condition of the packaging plays a critical factor. As a matter of fact, a small dent or scratch may cause the artifact to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in value.

Super Mario Bros backside image

“This particular copy was produced in late 1986, which means it was one of the earliest copies produced that had plastic shrink wrap, rather than sticker seal, and a perforated cardboard hangtab,” 

– Valerie McLeckie, Heritage Auctions Video Games Director

By early 1987, Nintendo had already started to publish other variants of the same game. Firstly, this particular item was from 1986 (year of original), secondly, the original packaging was in flawless condition, and last but not the least, given its rarity, gave it an almost perfect score of 9.6 out of 10 in the auction.

Other Super Mario Bros auctions

  • In November of 2020, another Super Mario game Super Mario Bros 3 sold at the Heritage Auctions for $156,000.
  • In July of 2020, the 1987 version of Super Mario Bros that scored 9.4 out of 10, sold for $114,000. The previous year 2019, the same game sold for around $100,150.

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