Team Go Rocket Returns

Team Go Rocket is back: Pokemon Go

After a temporal removal from Pokemon Go for two weeks, the favorite villainous group, Team Go Rocket is back.

A recent patch for Pokemon Go in April apparently had a flood load of bugs such as Team Go Rocket NPC’s freezing player screens, missing maps, etc.

As a result, Niantic decided to remove the favorite villainous group from the game altogether. For two weeks, there were no signs as to when the problem would be fixed – until April 22.

Team Go Rocket is back on Pokemon Go
Team Go Rocket

Team Go Rocket finally return to Pokemon Go

After two weeks of waiting, the favorite villainous group finally made their return to Pokemon Go. Their absence had ignited fury amongst the players, especially those who needed to battle them to level up.

“Trainers, the issue affecting Team GO Rocket battles has been resolved, and Team GO Rocket can again be encountered in-game. Thanks for your patience.”

– Niantic Support tweeted on April 22.

“Sometimes, when a Trainer initiates a battle with Team Go Rocket, the game will freeze and become unresponsive. This issue has been mitigated by removing Team Go Rocket encounters temporarily until this can be resolved,” the blog post read. “Issue status: Fixed in an upcoming update.”

As compensation for the Team Go Rocket’s absence, Niantic has released Shadow Zapdos once again and will be available through Giovanni encounters from June 1 at 12 AM until June 17 at 12 AM. This is a great opportunity for trainers who missed the chance to bag a Shadow Zapdos.

Many Pokemon Go players speculated the fix to take another 10-20 days as the last update went live just a couple of days prior, so the return of Team Go Rocket so soon makes a wonderful treat. Let’s hope the team got the fix right this time. We trainers cannot wait to take on Team Go Rocket.

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  • I have been playing pokemon go for 3 years now, i think this is a very good game but also very dangerous if you just go and catch pokemon in the street

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