top 10 apps for apple watch

Top 10 apps for your Apple Watch

We have compiled a top 10 list of apps that you need to install on your Apple Watch ASAP.

So you have finally bought yourself an Apple Watch. Yes, the Apple watch comes with great features and some amazing built-in app but still, you want more. It is simply not enough for you. Now you must be wondering: What’s next, how do I get the most out of my precious watch?

Let’s check out some of the amazing apps on the App store that will take your watch to the next level.

Top 10 apps for your Apple Watch

1. Watchsmith

We do not like the limited customizability of watch faces on our Apple Watch. What we want is full control of how it looks and feels. This is where Watchsmith comes in. You can fully customize your watch face, add dates, or even put a weather widget and even your astronomical information.

Watchsmith UI

Watchsmith even gives you the ability to modify what things to show on your watch face depending on the time of the day. WHAT?

Price: Freemium

2. MultiTimer

Download MultiTimer and forget about your built-in stopwatch.
MultiTimer lets you set up multiple timers and run them simultaneously all from your watch screen. It also has an accompanying iPhone app which comes in handy even syncing your timers.

Multitimer UI

The timers can be displayed in a number of ways and can also embed into your watch face for quick access.

Price: Freemium

3. Elk

The main reason we opt for a smartwatch is that we want to get things done on the go without having to pull out our phones.

Elk UI

Elk simply helps you to convert currencies right on the screen of your Apple Watch. The built-in GPS functionality identifies your current geolocation and finds the right currency for you.

Price: Freemium

4. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is simply a great weather app. Although there is a huge range of weather apps with great features, Carrot Weather simply has that edge because it packs so much information on your small watch screen.

Carrot Weather UI
Carrot Weather

Not only do we get a complete A-Z forecast of the day but you can also get a complete forecast of not only upcoming hours but also the upcoming days as well.

Price: Freemium

5. Citymapper

Citymapper for iPhone is already a pretty known app for navigation. The Apple Watch app is even more crucial in our opinion.

Citymapper UI

When on a subway or riding a bus, it sometimes becomes uneasy to pull out your phone and check your location. Citymapper informs you exactly where to get off or back on and even gives you a close estimation of how long your journey might take.

Price: Freemium

6. iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse is a must-have for that traveler in you. This app does an excellent job translating spoken audio for you.

iTranslate Converse UI
iTranslate Converse

If you an in a foreign county and conversing in a language that you don’t understand then this app is going to be a lifesaver. It supports a total of 38 languages (for now). iTranslate Converse automatically detects the language in the spoken audio but you have an option to manually choose the language as well. You can even get a written transcript of your audio conversations.

Price: Freemium

7. Cheatsheet Notes

Apple watch help us get byte-size information instantly on our wrist.

Cheatsheet Notes UI
Cheatsheet Notes

Cheatsheet Notes helps to create quick notes such as phone numbers, addresses, quick notes, to-do items right on our watch screen. Any small information that you need to note down or recall, Cheatsheet Notes is the best app for it.

The app is very plain and simple, but that is the whole point for quick notes. It is like an infinite stack of sticky notes on your wrists.

Price: Freemium

8. Spark

With Spark, you no longer to need to keep checking your phone every five minutes to be updated on your emails.

Spark UI

Spark brings all your incoming emails to your wrist. For briefly checking your inbox and handling urgent emails, this work works the best. You have the ability to delete, snooze, archive, and even compose emails with Spark on Apple watch but it might be hard typing on such a small screen.

Price: Freemium

9. ETA

ETA has just one goal and that is punctuality. This app tells you how long it will take for you to get somewhere. It is one of those apps that you don’t realize its power until you use it.


You will never be late for anything again, be it professional meetings, birthday parties, or friendly gatherings with its app. This app also has an iPhone app version as well.

Price: $3

10. Just Press Record

From the name of the app, you might have guessed that it is a recording app. If you want to start and stop audio recordings from your wrist then this is the app for you.

Just Press Record UI
Just Press Record

Just Press Record organizes your recordings neatly and makes them easily accessible. With its built-in transcription feature, speed recordings can be turned into searchable text. On the bonus side, this app works with or without your phone so you can record anywhere, anytime.

Price: $5

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